About Rewards Program

  1. Abacus is partners with

  2. Abacus has a Crypto Cash Back (CCBC) masternode that is owned by the community. Every month the rewards of this masternode are evenly split among all active subscriptions.

    CCBC Reward Funds Address: SXY8gH1FNLHC75qxMiRhJh3mnwpPUh6BoE

    This Month's Funds: 1052.0 CCBC
  3. To qualify to receive a share of the community masternode rewards, you must have an active hosting subscription.
  4. 1. Go to your dashboard and from the left menu, click on CCBC Rewards.
  5. 2. If you have an active subscription, a button that says “update reward address” will be present.
  6. 3.Click on it and you will be taken to a form where you can enter your personal CCBC address. At the end of each month your share of masternode rewards will be sent to the address. 5% of reward proceeds are retained by Abacus as an admin fee.
  7. The rewards distributed are weighted based on how many active subscriptions each user has.
  8. When Abacus has 50 subscribers another CCBC masternode will be purchased and donated to the community. In the future, many more masternodes will be donated to the community reward fund.